Tefal is by your side to make the most of each day!

Tefal knows that every day is different and every family is unique and we believe in the richness of a home full of life. Tefal strives to be a daily family helper. We believe that the user should not adapt to the product, but the product should adapt to the user, whether you are an expert or a novice, professional or undemanding user.

For over 60 years, Tefal has drawn inspiration from people’s habits to offer the best solutions for a better and more comfortable functioning of everyday life. Tefal works day-to-day with developments and innovations to provide consumers with ingenious, reliable and easy-to-use solutions.

Tefal creates reliable solutions that guarantee you success so you can share more moments of happiness with your family. This is what makes Tefal your favorite in the kitchen and in the rest of the home.

Tefal is committed to safe and healthy cooking and is constantly working on innovations to provide environmentally-friendly, safe and high-quality kitchen accessories that ensure healthy cooking on a daily basis.

To maintain values, Tefal has defined priorities for Sustainable Development:

  • Tefal makes sure that the brand products are made in accordance with ethical principles, both in its own factories and with its suppliers.
  • Tefal has developed a responsible personnel policy based on the principles of non-discrimination and respect for people. Tefal attaches great importance to providing a safe workplace for its employees.
  • Tefal acts as a community facilitator, where it helps local businesses grow and supports local associations in the fight against exclusion or participates in public debates, such as on nutrition and health.
  • Tefal promotes healthiness and safety, which means producing quality products that last and enable healthy and tasty cooking.
  • Tefal takes into account environmental sustainability at every stage of the life cycle of products, from initial research to processing at the end of their life, including production, transport and use by the consumer.