More time for pleasant activities!

Thanks to the innovative and practical household accessories offered by the Leifheit brand, everyday homelife can be made as simple and comfortable as possible. The Leifheit range includes quality products that make household chores such as ironing, cleaning or cooking much easier – thus you will have more time for pleasant activities!

The rich range of the brand products covers all areas of the household:

Floor-care and cleaning

From classic floor moppers to sophisticated cleaning systems and innovative steam cleaners or cordless vacuum cleaners, Leifheit offers products to suit everyone’s needs. The product range also covers any specific requirements of all floor types, which are ideally suited to the specific maintenance requirements of these floors.

Washing and cleaning products

You can achieve a quick and correct cleaning result using the concept of special cleaning accessories and telescopic handles. Many Leifheit products are equipped with Click-system mount, which allows a wide range of Leifheit brand products to be combined with each other. The telescopic handle can be attached to various cleaning accessories – such as a floor-cleaner, brushes or window scrapers. This saves you money and space in the end, as you only need one Click-system handle for household chores that is compatible with other cleaning accessories.

Laundry drying

The Leifheit brand offers laundry drying solutions that meet the requirements of every household – from single households to large families. Wall-mounted drying racks save space in small households. Practical, durable and extremely stable, the Pegasus clothes dryer offers a variety of size options that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and for homes of different sizes. Outdoor laundry carousels have a large drying area and can hold several serves of washing machine at the same time, so they are suitable for home gardens and larger families.


For proper washing care and ironing, a wide range of ironing boards and necessary accessories are available allowing your shirts, blouses and other items of clothing quickly get rid of wrinkles. For those with higher ironing frequency, models that support active ironing and ironing centers that save time and effort are the best choice.

Kitchen utensils

The Leifheit range offers a large selection of ideas for cooking and baking. From kitchen utensils, slicers to cooking accessories – there is a kitchen accessory for every need. Leifheit’s high-quality and practical products help to better organize your cooking and make your daily house chores easier.