Kaiser is designed to create small masterpieces and for the ultimate food pleasure!

True original

Kaiser brand changed the baking world in 1968 with the first non-stick baking dish. What is a standard product in almost every home today was a total revolution back then. It is not for nothing that Kaiser is still known in professional circles as the “original”.

Kaiser is a German brand of the utmost quality that produces exclusively high-quality kitchen and baking dishes. Making a cake or quiche yourself becomes much easier with Kaiser products, so if you’ve always wanted to make your own bread, pizza, pie or cake, Kaiser is the right choice! Kaiser’s range of cookware includes baking trays, baking tins and other useful tools that make baking even more fun and decorating or serving much more professional.

Kaiser has always stood for passion, creativity and inspiration in the preparation of cakes and pastries, being a mixture of tradition and innovation needed to fully serve the passion for baking. When baking becomes a passion, only the highest quality standards meet the requirements.

Making cakes and pastries doesn’t always have to be complicated, though it can be. Improvisation and experimenting are just as acceptable as following a precise recipe. Kaiser boasts more than 90 years of experience in the manufacture of baking molds, the molds are thought out to the smallest detail and uncompromising in their perfection. The materials pass the most stringent tests, and the entire production process has passed the quality management system, certified according to DIN ISO 9001 standard.