Dr. Beckmann

The Dr. Beckmann Promise

Dr. Beckmann products represent a pioneering and unrelenting passion to provide the most effective and high-quality in-house solutions for specialist laundry and household cleaning. Products are designed for the highest quality of clean in a wide range including laundry care, stain removal, appliance and surface cleaners. Dr. Beckmann products are the result of extensive research and refinement – for excellent efficacy that you can trust.

Dr. Beckmann products represent a pioneering passion to provide the most effective homecare expert solutions – for every household and laundry challenge!

  • Stain removal Perfect solutions to any kind of stain with its tailor-made formulas because no two stains are alike.
  • Laundry care Provide bright, fresh and impeccable laundry.
  • Magic Leaves Discover the feather-light laundry detergent sheets that make washing so convenient. One water-soluble sheet ensures a deep clean of your textiles during the wash. The ultra-lightweight and compact format is easy to carry, easy to store, minimizes packaging waste and the carbon footprint.
  • Appliance cleaning The specialised Dr. Beckmann appliance cleaners remove dirt, incrustations, calcifications as well as annoying odours.
  • Surface cleaner Many surfaces require a special cleaning and care. Dr. Beckmann surface cleaners are able to clean even sensitive surfaces thoroughly but gently.

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