Christian Laurent

Discover Influencers’ favourite skincare – Christian Laurent

Christian Laurent® is a high-quality, scientifically proven award-winning face and body care cosmetics brand, developed in France. Christian Laurent® has led the way in the latest global skin care trends. Our premium cosmetics are the definition of luxury, created by top French experts in science and technology.

Using modern and cutting-edge technology, sophisticated product formulas are created, based on luxury active ingredients like Black Orchid Molecular Extract, Caviar Complex, Bioactive Gold & Myrtle Rose Extract. Combined with elegant fragrances, to appeal to the senses, whilst also producing stunning benefits for skin. The fragrance compositions of Christian Laurent® cosmetics were developed by leading French fragrance designers, straight from Grasse – the world’s capital of the perfume industry.

Why Choose Us

Christian Laurent® luxury cosmetics reflect the refined opulence of France. Our goal is to provide each woman and man with the extraordinary pleasure of quality skin care, at affordable prices.