Casatrend cleaning

Cleaning – it’s easy! Cleaning may not be a pleasant activity, but it can be made faster and more convenient using the right working techniques and accessories. In the Casatrend range you can find the necessary cleaning cloths both for universal purposes and for various surfaces that need cleaning.

Casatrend baking

Cooking and baking is a pleasant way of leisure for many. When baking, time flies, and the end result is the most delicious baked goods, whether salty or sweet. The range of baking products of the Casatrend brand has been developed with the needs of home bakers in mind, and the line is constantly improving and changing. We regularly add new designs and happy surprises.

Casatrend body wash

The body and mind must be taken care of to raise the mood and keep you spirits high. Enjoy every relaxing bath or quick shower and indulge in a pleasnatly soft bath tub or invigorate your skin with an exfoliating body wash. After body peeling, the skin is softer and more radiant. Pamper yourself and your skin with products from the Casatrend body wash line.