Tescoma holds a stable leading position on the global market for the manufacture of kitchen utensils. Whether you are looking for stainless steel knives, pots and pans, or helpful kitchen gadgets such as pizza cutters, Tescoma offers a range of expertly designed products to suit your culinary needs. All of the products from Tescoma are developed in their state-of-the-art testing laboratory, where they are evaluated for durability, convenience, and aesthetics. For this commitment to product development, Tescoma has received a Certificate of Excellence in the field of Development, Design and Sale of Name Brand Kitchen Utensils from the International Organization of Standardization (ISO).

Tescoma has several manufacturing centres, logistic and administrative centres abroad. If there’s a kitchen gadget, chances are Tescoma makes it! Tescoma range includes over 2,500 products for home cooking and professional catering, meal preparation, cooking, dining and presentation of meals. Home cooks will find an array of essential cooking tools including knives, serving ladles, and pans. If you’re in need of specialized gadgets, there are plenty of choices in pizza cutters, cheese graters, and spiralizers. For bakers, the company has a range of decorating pens, sheet pans, and rolling pins, as well as cookie cutters to make adorable treats. Pasta lovers will be thrilled to find a variety of shaping tools for gnocchi and ravioli, as well as homemade pasta makers.

The long successful presence of Tescoma brand on the international markets is founded on the following principles:

  • carry out research and development
  • create original design
  • use materials of excellent quality and take care to ensure perfect manufacture of our products
  • offer an exceptionally wide and comprehensive range of kitchen utensils