Gold Care

Founded in 1990, GoldCare is a brand that has adopted the vision of being a reliable world brand by offering high quality shoe care products to all consumers thoughout the world. It has always aimed to realize one of the firsts in the shoe care products industry. One of them was the production of the first self shining shoe cream polish. Throughout the brand adventure that brought us today, the brand has become one of the largest producers and exporters of shoe care products in Turkey. GoldCare shoe care products protect the shoe leather against external factors and ensure longer lifetime as a result of using advanced technology and high quality raw materials during production.

Nanotech is the main technology that is used for maximizing the product properties and productivity, as well as increasing the performance and water repellency of the products. In GoldCare shoe care products natural waxes provide self-shining, whereas natural beeswaxes provide elasticity, softness and water repellency to the shoe leather. These additives ensure protecting the natural structure of the shoe leather. As GoldCare products are water based, they do not contain any materials that may harm the environment or human health.