Grill like an expert!

Make grilling easy for yourself with Bäkkjard grill accessories – skewers, graters, thermopots, ignition cubes and other tools that facilitate grilling. Modern design, comfortable, easy-to-clean grill accessories make cooking pleasingly easy. The Bäkkjard range includes grilling grates in various sizes and with non-stick coating, stainless steel V-shaped grilling rods, pliers, shovels, thermopots and grill cleaning brushes. Convenient and high-quality barbecue accessories support the cooking process and are necessary for juicy meat and tasty vegetables to reach your and family dining table.

Tableware and serving dishes make eating enjoyable

Beautiful table and serving dishes make eating a significantly more enjoyable activity. Mugs and tableware of modern design bring color and fun moments to every day of your life. In the Bäkkjard range you will find a wide selection of high-quality and elegant tableware and serving accessories suitable for eye-pleasing and practical use in almost every home.